How to maximize income from website.

Nobody likes slow websites. But you will probably be surprised how much can loading time affect the conversation rate and customer satisfaction. For example, a survey showed that 47% of customers expect that your website will be finished loading within two seconds. 64% of smartphone users expect that your website will be finished loading within four seconds. 79% of customers who run into any kind of performance issues on your website are less likely to buy from you again. No matter how good is your website, most of customers will not appreciate this if it’s slow.
If you are trying to make sales or even just build a follocwing of regular visitors, then lowering your page load time is critical. Even fractions of a second matter.
There are 3 main option to decrease load time:
1. You must optimize code of your website.
2. You must have hosting package with enough computing power to handle visitors peaks without increasing of load time.
3. You Host website in the right location, as close to your audition as possible (in therms of network connectivity).

We can help you with options 2 and 3.
Here is how we check best place for your website.
Here is how we test hosting packages if they are able to handle requested visitors amount.

Below is infographics with some real life cases you may be interested in: