Load time monitoring

Don’t loose your money

losing money What if you lose money because your website is slower than one of your competitor ? To have an idea about current state of your website you can’t just rely on how fast it in your browser or browsers of your friends. You need exact numbers of load time from as many testing locations as you can. There are many online services which show you those numbers at the moment. But these numbers will be obsolete in few hours. So you need continuous monitoring to get picture during whole day, in different days of week, etc.
Let’s say we got this data and now we have a start point. Next question is how good is our host and location comparing with others ? We can answer. Our distributed monitoring network monitors 100+ data centers worldwide. So we can measure how fast we can download test page from your host and compare with other hosts in the region.
We will gather information during one week and then we will send full report to you.

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