Hourly Support

If you are looking for high-experienced techs to complete your one time jobs, then these plans is for you. HotSys Hourly Servers’ Administration plans help you at any time. We do Initial Server setup, Security updates and patches, Cloud Administration, Virtualization Management, Hack & Disaster Recovery, Backup Restoration and many other things in a timely fashion. We have highly experienced Level2-3 engineers to take care of your needs in minimum time.


HS – 1


  • 1 hour included

HS – 2


  • 3 hours included

HS – 3


  • 5 hours included

HS – 4


  • 10 hours included

Feature Hourly Administration
Tech Coverage 80Hrs/week
Team Coverage (Min 2) 24/7
Complete Infrastructure management yes
Server Administration yes
Cloud Administration yes
Virtualization Administration yes
Control Panel Administration yes
Server Setup yes
Server Update yes
Server Hardening yes
Server Optimization yes
DDoS Protection yes
Server Migration yes
Security Audit yes
Data Center Escalation yes
Shell(bash, ruby, python) Scripting yes
Automation yes
Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt yes
Research & Development yes
24/7 support via helpdesk/email/skype yes
Response Time 30 min
Resolution Time 2-4 hours

Other Services

Server Management

Server Management services cover installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, OS updates, and much more.


Dedicated Support

We handle right from basic Level 1 ticket to more complex Level 3 server administration tasks including escalations. In short we will take care of your clients for you as you would.


Individual Solutions

Architecting, developing and implementing effective systems that withstand high loads and help companies achieve 99.99% uptime.