For developers

We have a lot of experience in hosting customers support. One of the most common requests is the problem with the software installation. Lets say you bought some software product. It has an installation guide, you tried to follow it but something is going wrong and the software does not work. What is the cause ? Should you write to the developer or host support ? In some cases the hosting support can help, in others they will ask you to contact the developer. In some cases the developer will help, in others he asks you to contact the hosting support. This situation is not convenient for either party.

Therefore, if you are a developer, you have developed a product and customer satisfaction is important to you, we want to offer you the following services:

  1. We will prepare the most suitable environment for your product, then pack it into a Docker container and perform the load testing so that you know which hosting package you need to process the number of visitors your client expects.
  2. We calculate the price for ready to use product. It will contain the cost of hosting package and your royalty.
  3. We process the payment and pay your share.
  4. We provide you support channel (tickets) to your customers.
  5. We will place the product to our online store (coming soon).

This is the standard package with price of $9.99

We can customize terms and conditions for your needs. Please contact us for any questions.